About me

I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the University of California, Davis, Department of Linguistics. I work under the mentorship of Professors Vaidehi Ramanathan and Robert Bayley. I am also lucky enough to have the guidance of Dr. Stephen G. Henry from the Department of Internal Medicine at UC Davis Medical Center and Professors Georgia Zellou and Jack Hawkins from UC Davis Linguistics.

While completing my undergraduate degree in Linguistics and Anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of taking courses taught by Dr. Marjorie “Candy” Goodwin. Candy’s encouragement and support ultimately led me to believe that graduate school was possible for me.

Growing up in the Philippines, journeying through the education pipeline seemed like a pipe dream. I would not be where I am today if not for the reassurance of my amazing mentors. I believe that if you are blessed in life with knowledge and opportunity, you go into the world with a sense of obligation—not entitlement. Aside from research, my ultimate mission is to mentor individuals who, like I did, need a little push from someone who believes in them.

I am also very involved in service activities on campus. At UCLA, I worked as a peer mentor and later became the Scholars Program assistant for the Center for Community College Partnerships (CCCP). We are dedicated to helping underprivileged community college students transfer into a four-year university. I am also honored to have been chosen as a recipient of the Senior of the Year award.

I am currently a Teaching Assistant Consulting (TAC) fellow and Professors for the Future fellow at UC Davis, where I facilitate professional development workshops for other graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and associate instructors. I served as the publicity director of the 2019 Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Summer Institute, co-chaired the UC Davis Cluster on Language Research from 2019 to 2020. I have also chaired the Linguistic Graduate Student Association for a couple of years now.

In the very little spare time I reserve for myself, I work out, design websites and posters, watch TV, annoy my friends and siblings, dine at all-you-can-eat Korean barbeque restaurants, and then feel bad for overeating Korean barbeque.


Applied Sociolinguistics

Language Policy


Interactional Sociolinguistics

Linguistic Anthropology


Conversation Analysis

Prosodic Discourse Analysis

Corpus-based Discourse Analysis


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  • 2017

    PhD Candidate, Linguistics
    University of California, Davis

  • 2015

    MA Linguistics
    University of California, Davis

  • 2013

    BA Linguistics and Anthropology
    University of California,
    Los Angeles